I have a passion for helping and serving others. Informally, I’m always thinking about how I can help clients and other people. Sometimes I end up helping my peers who are not clients or even prospective clients. I don’t help them seeking something in return. But I believe what goes around, comes around, and when you have a certain energy you attract people who have that same energy and passion. Nothing for me may come out of helping that specific person, but perhaps someone else may come along with similar values and bring something positive into my life. My decision to go into personal development professionally grew out of simply talking a lot with entrepreneurs and realizing they appreciate the opportunity to share things with me and them feeling I am transparent as I share my own story with them. I don’t preach to people or tell them what to do, but find that they’re intrigued with my story and experiences. I’ve been told that my message is inspiring, genuine and real and I simply want to create more opportunities to share it. Everyone will relate to it in a different way. Some might identify with my challenging times like meeting payroll, while others can relate to the business growing pains I’ve gone through, yet some with my ability to identify and package the next investment.

The core message that I share is that I want to influence people to be purposeful about their success. Success is a journey and you have to figure out how you’re going to achieve your goals, with purpose. It’s not just about money but about the people you touch along your journey. I like to call this a focus on “people over profit.” Making money in business is great, but you can use people to make money or you can use money to serve and help people. That’s the choice people have and I like to steer them in the better, more fulfilling direction.